Summer at SLI is kicking off!

Our students are preparing for a full summer.  We are starting off with a full plate, the students have been assigned an advanced research essay for grading at the end of the summer.

You are to evaluate arguments for and against the segregation, desegregation, and re-segregation of schools.  Should government agencies (local school boards or the Supreme Court) order schools to integrate or allow them to (re)segregate?

We’ve kicked off the summer with a wonderful presentation by Jacqueline Amaya Mendez, Assistant Dean of Admissions at William and Mary.  She had wonderful insights into the admission process at William and Mary and public colleges in Virginia.  The daughter of Salvadorian immigrants she has since accomplished a lot in academics and her career.  SLI thanks her for taking time to meet with students and answer their questions regarding the daunting process of applying to college.



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